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Bulwark Protection Fabric Types

Bulwark Protection Fabric Types

Excel FR Durabable Flame Resistant 100% Cotton. Excel FR cotton garments offer unbeatable protection for foundries, flame cutting and welding, as well as electrical utilities and the chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. All Excel-FR cotton apparel is permanently treated to guarantee flame resistance for the life of the garment.
Durable FR Cotton Blends: COTTON'S COMFORT NYLON'S DURABILITY. This practical 88% cotton / 12% nylon blend provides long-lasting protection for nearly all work environments. Ideal applications include ferrous metals, electrical utilities and the chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Every Excel-FR ComforTouch garment is engineered for life-of-the-garment flame resistance.

Nomex® brand fiber is inherently flame-resistant which means its thermal protection is permanent – it cannot be washed out or worn away. Nomex® won’t melt, drip or support combustion in the air. Combined with high break strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance properties, garments made of Nomex® brand fiber help protect firefighters, race car drivers and industrial workers alike.

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CoolTouch® II garments provide flame-resistant protection in a lightweight blended fabric. The result - unbeatable softness coupled with lasting durability and HRC2 protection. Bulwark® Protective Apparel markets TenCate TECASAFE™ PLUS fabric under the brand name Cool Touch® II.

FLAME -RESISTANT . COMFORTABLE . COMPLIANT . Bulwark® offers garments designed to provide additional wearer safety during periods of limited visibility or in the often complex and varying backgrounds found in many occupations such as traffic control, construction and utility work along roadways and equipment operation.
FIREWEAR® is a blend of 55% FFR (Fibrous Flame Retardant Fiber) and 45% combed cotton manufactured by Springfield LLC. The fabric has an excellent, cotton-like hand and is offered in knit constructions for T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts.
SHED MOLTEN ALUMINUM . CAST OFF CRYOLITE . Because of its unique ability to shed molten aluminum as well as cryolite, specialized Molten Metal Protection garments are used extensively throughout the aluminum casting industry. Our products are inherently flame-resistant, so their ability to protect will never be compromised by laundering. Bulwark® Protective Apparel uses TenCate Oasis™, which is a trademark of Southern Mills, Inc.
PROTECT OTHER GARMENTS . PREVENT CONTAMINANT SOILING . Extend® FR garments are water repellent and made to withstand minor splashes without saturation to garments underneath. Use them to extend the life of more expensive thermal protection or to provide coverage and protection for temporary visitors.
PROTECTION FOR MA XIMUM EXPOSURE . For employees installing, maintaining or repairing high-voltage electrical systems, Bulwark's® 40 cal/cm2 electrical switching coat, bib and hood with face shield provide protection from extreme electrical arc risk.

Fabric Colors

Every effort is made to ensure that pictured fabric colors in our online store are as close as possible to the actual fabric color, this cannot be guaranteed. When exact color match is required, an actual color sample should be purchased. Pictures shown are as accurate as possible, but due to variations in viewer monitor settings (color, brightness, contrast setting), colors may vary from actual items.

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