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Wrangler Workwear

Wrangler Workwear

With innovative product features and a great fit, only Wrangler Workwear delivers superior comfort and unlimited motion designed specifically for the needs of the active worker. This is workwear worthy of the Wrangler name.

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The Wrangler brand, over the past six decades, has embodied the spirit of America. Its history running parallel to the rise of the country; worn by the same people who built it Ė and those who make it what it is today. The ones who recognize the value and virtue of hard work. Itís for those people that Wrangler Workwear was created. For the work that isnít confined by office walls or done sitting down. Jobs where lifting, bending, stretching, reaching, and climbing are all in a dayís Ė sometimes an hourís work.

Greater Mobility. Greater Comfort. Wrangler Workwear.

Wrangler Workwear Key Product Features


Provides greater comfort and range of motion while working.


Expand to give extra room to move for greater range of motion and improved comfort when reaching or stretching.


For comfort when you bend, squat, lift or climb - Helps keep pants from splitting.


Ggreater range in motion for areas needing more mobility.


A unique 60% cotton / 40% polyester blend fabric used exclusively by Wrangler for increased comfort and for jobs that require strong and durable comfort.

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